Bridal Updos

Sister Sister – Dana’s Bridal Trials

My first officially booked bride for 2018 just happens to be my older sister, Dana. There’s nothing better than working with a head of hair that you’re familiar with. I’ve been braiding and playing around with Dana’s hair for our whole lives, so it feels extremely natural to be the one to do her hair on her wedding day!

Like many brides, Dana has had her hair done for formal occasions before and it didn’t turn out at all how she wanted it. Now, pictures are a HUGE help to explain the look you want to your stylist, but sometimes it’s just not quite right. Being that Dana is my sister, she doesn’t feel shy about asking for tweaks to ‘this piece here,’ or ‘less poof’ right here. Yes, she’s already comfortable with me; but this is how I want ALL of my brides and bridesmaids to feel! My motto is, “IT’S YOUR HEAD, not mine!” You’re the one who will be looking at these pictures for (hopefully) the next 50 years, and showing them to everyone you love. So, I never let a client leave without first asking, “What do you want changed?”

Dana’s wedding isn’t until November, so this was just the first trial. I’m sure we’ll do another closer to the date with some real finishing. For this trial, I didn’t use much product for two reasons; first of all, we were trying a few different styles and too much product can really lock in a certain part or braid, and secondly, Dana hates product! She doesn’t like the feeling of it, and wants a much cooler and not princess-ey look. These key words are very important for me to get from each bride, because they help me understand the client’s individual style. Dana’s hair is balayaged (by me) which is key in creating a beautiful updo. She has fine hair, but a lot of it, and did not use extensions for her trial. She does want them for her wedding day, which I highly recommend.

I can’t wait for Dana’s wedding day and to see which style she decides to wear!

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